Virtual Reality

Any new technology that really changes the way we live will have to face a lot of criticism and Virtual Reality has not managed to escape that. Obviously, there are philosophical and ethical questions: Will we lose the ability to differentiate reality from illusion? Will we become overly distant from one another, each in his or her virtual asylum? However, we also have to pay attention to more mundane questions: is Virtual Reality safe to use? The answer is „Yes, but only if used with proper caution”.

For one thing, using Virtual Reality for long time might be nausea-inducing. There already is a moniker for that experience - „virtual reality sickness”. Because of that, it is always recommended to take frequent breaks while using VR headsets – which may be a good thing, as it ensures that we will always be forced to come back to reality! It is difficult to predict when VR headsets will reach the stage in which using them will stop causing said unpleasant experiences. What is more, long exposure to VR goggles is not recommended also because of the fact that it might damage the user's eyes as he has to hold an electronic screen extremely close to his face.

What is more, using Virtual Reality headsets in one's home might be pretty dangerous, as the user is forced to move around with limited awareness of his actual surroundings. Therefore, the producers of VR headsets warn the users not to use their devices with pets or children around. While using your VR headset, you might also trip over a table or a wire. Remember that accidents happen even when the headsets are being used in demo rooms, where the users are overlooked by the staff. When no one is there to watch over you, the risk increases exponentially!

In general, the best advice for people who want to use VR headsets in the confines of their homes is to prepare a special VR room in which there would as few things to trip upon as possible – and definitely no children or pets. There is, however, still the issue of cables – VR devices use a lot of them, so there is always a risk of tripping over them. Therefore, it seems that VR headsets will only become truly mainstream when the safety of their design truly improves.